IMS Technology Centre operates a high speed wireless network to the marine market in Washington and British Columbia with headquarters in Seattle.  We have deployed a network of locations allowing boaters and visitors to roam seamlessly from the Puget Sound to the top of Vancouver Island. Our company was formed by Kevin Keating, one of North Americas pioneers in constructing mission critical facilite. Kevin grew up in Montreal and has operated in Canada, Hong Kong and the United States throughout his career.
Kevin Keating, Paul Bayha and Andrew Staley comprise the Seattle office. Our network operations center is located in Seattle while Ben Delzell runs the network from our Bellingham office. Our call center is located in the Vancouver market and our redundant network operations center is located in Texas.

Our company is the North American leader in providing marine wireless and computing solutions to the marine sector.

Through our pioneering efforts in the Northwest we have formed,, that s Stacy D. Dallupports the ongoing effort for all our friends and colleagues to build marine wireless systems throughout the World . Stacy D. Dall is the new vice president of the company starting in Early 2015.

IMS is privately owned and operated. We seek to be the world’s best provider to the boating community with a complete focus of deliving total market coverage on the water and at home for our clients. We partner with the world’s premier radio manufacturers and WiFi authentication companies to enhance the experience of our clients.

We are a small company but service is our passion and we look forward to giving you a great experience.