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In computer systems, the configuration refers to the location of each of its functional units. This is usually the case with hardware, firmware, software and documentation. Betaflight Configurator is a configuration management tool for Betaflight. With this handy application, you can adjust the functions of your flight controller and help it get going. You can also use this application to explore other settings and optimize your own settings;

How it works Betaflight is a built-in program that is used to work with multiple fixed and swivel wings. The main objective is to improve the way your drone flies, focusing on additional support functions, broad objective support and flight efficiency. However, you must first download the Betaflight configurator to configure your quadcopter in Betaflight. Then you can make all the necessary changes to the configuration to have better control over yours; (with the () {(‘summary-program-page-desktop’);}) function; You must first connect your FC to the computer on which you have installed the Betaflight configurator. Your computer will power FC and a new COM port should appear in the configurator. Select a new COM port and press the connect button to connect your FC; Once you have successfully connected the application and your FC, you will see a configuration tab where you can access the most important functions and information about your ATV. You can even calibrate your HR by pressing the accelerometer calibration button. This gives you a 3D model of your square that simulates the movements of the physical body; The application also allows you to configure peripherals or peripherals that are connected to the flight controller by URT. To do this, go to the Ports tab, which contains all the settings you need to adjust your external port; Configuration Betaflight Configurator offers a variety of standard flight-related configurations for your drone. From the system configuration to the ESC or engine functions, you can change the settings of your FC. You can even change the name of the ship shown in OSD Betaflight to a more personal one; In the configuration tab you can also change the antigravity, dynamic filter, telemetry, OSD settings. But if you are not sure, you can leave them as standard, because they will still be taken out of the air without them; You can also adjust some of its square configuration modes, including weapons, air mode, angle mode and beep. Note that not all modes in Betaflight Configurator are flight modes. Some are event triggers; The mode option allows you to adjust the drone for better performance and reduce falls or sudden dives when changing gas. It can also help you control your drone easily after it crashes or crashes; Note that you must press the Save and restart button to make sure all the changes you make are better. All in all, drone enthusiasts will find that Betaflight Configurator is a great complement to have. The software offers a series of custom functions that not only ensure that your drones can rise in the air, but also help optimize flight performance. However, becauseThe application comes with different configurations, novice users may find it a bit confusing at first to find it. But once you have mastered it, you can drastically change your settings to find the one that suits you;