The following instructions are for connecting to the internet using any network adapter.  Please refer to your adapter’s instructions and software for specific instructions on how to connect to the network.

  1. Make sure the wireless network adapter is installed and operational.
  2. Turn on your computer while within IMS broadcast area.  Make sure your wireless adapter is operational (green lights on the adapter should be blinking or solid green).
  3. With your wireless network client manager (software that came with the adapter), locate IMS’s signal.  Most managers will display all available networks.  Click on IMS’s network.  You might have to manually add an SSID (network name) to your manager.  IMS’s SSID is always “ims”.  If you purchased your network adapter from IMS and it is a IMS brand product, click here to learn how to configure your computer.
  4. Your adapter software may ask you if your connection should have data encryption (WEP) on. IMS does not turn on this feature so do not use it. IMS does not use any special authentication authentication protocols, keys or other features so do not turn these features on.
  5. Once you have established a connection to the wireless network, you are ready to access the internet.


If you are having problems connecting because your computer wants to DIAL UP to your dial up connection, you will need to tell your computer that you are connecting via a LAN network connection. To do this you can follow these procedures.

Open you “Internet Options” window. This can be found in your control panel or, if you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, you can also find your internet options under the “Tools” menu selection.