Below are instructions for both methods of testing. � Try the Ping Test first as it is more accurate for measuring the internet connectivity.

Ping Test – Windows Operating System Only

Click on the “Start Menu” of your Window’s Operation System (lower left corner).

Click on the “Run” command (usually on lower right of the Start Menu). �In the Run Window you will see a white box. �Type the word “command” and then hit enter.

A new window will appear.��This window will have a black background. �You will see a blinking cursor. �At the cursor, type the following command and hit enter.


ping �t ���(or you can also try “ping”)

The computer will send packets repeatedly until you tell it to stop. �Let it send (or try to send) 15-20 packets. �Hit the Control key and the C key at the same time to stop it.

At the completion of the test you will receive a summary report titled “Ping statistics”. �Of the packets sent, if you lost one or more, run the test trenbolone enanthate dosage again. �If you continually loose one or more packets, your connection may be compromised.

Ideally, you want less than 10% total packet loss. �A marginal connection would be characterized by total packet loss of 10-20%. ��Above 20% packet loss, the connection will just not work satisfactorily.

The only way to improve the connection (improve packet loss) is to improve the reception. Position the computer to be more “in line of sight” between your computer and our antenna. �If this is not possible, consider contacting IMS and purchase and antenna or if you already have an antenna, position the antenna outdoors.

Please refer to the Basic Troubleshooting page and follow instructions for additional information about reception.

If all packets sent have a response “Request Timed Out” you are not connected to the internet, please call IMS or read the Basic Troubleshooting page.